Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

Orias is the flagship business entity in the field of Web development, Web designing, Portal development, Search Engine promotion & Outsourcing web projects etc. It is the perfect combination of creativity & credibility. We provide web-designing services in India & abroad. Orias offer you Internet presence that reflects your ideas in your web site & meets your objectives by capturing biz world. If you need to get you noticed, please do not hesitate to contact us because we are here to help in establishing you in the field of World Wide Web.

Informational Website

Also know as micro-sites, they are usually dedicated to one about, service, product or category of products. They serve as best way to start a new website as they let you gauge your customers interest in your products and services.

Corporate Website

A professional web presence of your company will enhance reputation and brand value in the eyes of your potential customer and new employees. It will increase their confidence in your company.

Ecommerce Website

Right from inception, design, technology and marketing, we will work closely with you to define your goals and needs and assist you in merchandising, optimizing your inventory, application integration and localization.

Mobile & Teblet Website

Just in the last year, internet traffic from mobile devices has gone up by a staggering 131%. The sheer proliferation of tablets and mobile devices makes it more necessary than ever to think beyond the desktop and address the needs of mobile users.

Wordpress Website

Our spectrum of content technology solutions help enterprises collect, manage, distribute and publish all forms of content. Through our customized content management solutions designed to your individual goals, needs and specifications.


Your blog needs to be easy to read, less cluttered and more importantly it should highlight all the important section of your blog.

Advantages of Website

Today, technology has allowed the next leap from simple black and white overheads to interactive websites which incorporates colour, sound, movement and hyperlinks.
A website (or web site) is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are addressed with a common domain name.
The information is available to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime.
The site can be updated to always provide the latest information.
The site creator/author doesn't need to be present when someone is retrieving information.
There is no need to carry a hard copy of information with you (No heavy book).
Increase communication with you customers or members.
Show lots of photos at a limited cost add credibility for a new business.
Provide an easy way for customers or members to contact you.
Reducing the number of brochures that your company needs to produce.

We Offer

Website Solutions offers a complete range of services pertaining to your web presence, from conceptualization till escorting you to the destination. The experience and expertise we have earned are not just matters of years passed rather they have nurtured our understanding of our clients requirements.
Orias always set in mode of action to bring up the best possible web solutions. All these amalgamated with our customer-caring approach have generated a never-ending bond of trust between us and our clients.
Our invincible expertise in rendering the services as per the client's requirements sets us apart from the rest. Delivering the mirror-like solutions for your imagination in the domain of e-business, we are driven by the mantra of "what you want is what we can provide You